Call Today!   847.322.2753

Call Today!   847.322.2753

owner / baker / decorator


I am a single mom of 5 amazing kids, Dane, Sonya, Christian, Brendan and Colin. I also have a granddaughter, Kalyn.


I enjoy spending time with friends and family, including biking, walking, swimming, skating, horseback riding, playing in the snow and more. My favorite time of year is fall! I love holding a Pumpkin Day for all my kids, their significant others and those families. In December I hold a Cookie Day for our friends and families to come bake cookies and enjoy some fun and laughter.


I am active in animal rescue with such groups as Spay and Stay, Placing Paws, Animal Education and Rescue and Animal House Shelter. Watching a frightened, hungry, sick animal get healthy and learn to accept love and trust humans again is life changing.


I am active with my youngest boys’ sports and school. I love being a part of community. I meet the most wonderful interesting people and form some incredible relationships.

I love being a participant in life, love and laughter.

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